Thursday March 5th through Sunday March 8th, 2015
Arnold Festival Weekend Countdown

Medical Team Home Page
Brian F. Griffin, MD
Co-Chairman, Arnold Sports Festival Medical Committee
Executive Medical Director, Arnold Expo Medical Team
Joy L. Griffin, RN, BSN
Event Coordinator
Benjamin J. Wendt, MD
Assistant Medical Director
Rachel N. Griffin
Director of Public Relations
Jackie Kon --- Executive Assistant (Convention Center)
Joan Tennerelli --- Executive Assistant (Fairgrounds)
Jeff Bergmann, EMT-B, Ham operator --- Continuous Improvement Coordinator
Chris Huyette, Ham operator --- Amateur Radio Coordinator
Paul Copenhefer, EMT-P --- EMS Coordinator

THE ARNOLD SPORTS FESTIVAL:We are almost twice the size of the Olympics. The next Arnold Sports Festival will have almost 20,000 athletes. The vast majority of these will be at the Greater Columubs Convention Center (The Arnold Expo) and the Ohio State Fairgrounds (FG). The Arnold Expo (Martial Arts, grappling, gymnastics, center stage, expo booths, fencing, teen crossfit, dancing, etc), the FG (crossfit, cheerleading, XPC powerlifting, archery, pickleball, Survival Race) and The Arnold Classic at Battelle Hall (body building, weight lifting, strong man, etc.) all fall under the auspices of The Arnold Fitness Weekend. There will be 50 events at 12 sites with folks from 80 countries.

THE MEDICAL TEAM:There has been much preparation to assure that the athletes, spectators and staff will have a great time and stay safe. Though every precaution has been taken it is a reality that there will be injuries amongst these intense top performers and the medical team will be there to assist them. Ham operators, physicians, medical students, nurses, medics, administrative people and Boy Scouts from the area, especially Troops 843 and 428, will be there in force. These individuals make up the medical team and are COMPLETELY volunteer. Approximately 350 such volunteers will work about 3000+ man-woman hours in an attempt to prevent injury and assist if injury occurs. We owe each of them a debt of gratitude!

EMS on-site plays a key role in assisting the medical team supplying us with personnel and medic vehicles, advanced cardiac life support equipment and performs hospital transports when needed. In the past we have had some great assistance from Rural Metro and then MedCorp. Now, we welcome Columbus Fire Department EMS to our Arnold family. They already have had a presence at the Greater Columbuse Convention Center (GCCC) to "cover" the spectators and they will now assist us in the care of the injured athletes (ALS & transport). We are grateful for their participation.

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